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The food we eat has a huge impact on life in Cardiff – not just on health, but on communities and businesses, farmers and food producers, too. But it also has a huge impact on the environment.  

Around 50% of Earth’s habitable land is used for agriculture, of which 77% is used to graze animals or to produce crops to feed to animals. Combine this with processing, transporting, selling, storing, cooking – and sometimes, simply throwing away the food we buy – it all has an effect.

But by understanding this connection between planet and plate, we can start to make a positive difference.

We can learn about the impact of our own diets, and get to know which labels to look out for when trying to make more sustainable choices.

We can connect with where food comes from by growing it at home, or with other members of our community.

We can shop locally, shortening our food miles, and find ways to avoid unnecessary single-use packaging; whether that’s on the odd takeaway coffee, or the full weekly shop.

And we can make the most of every morsel with recipes that fight food waste – and compost the rest. Today’s scraps have the potential to become tomorrow’s healthy soils!

If we all make these changes together, we can make Cardiff’s impact on the environment a more positive one.