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More than a third of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions are generated by the food system.

The food we choose, where it comes from, and how it ends up on our plate is one of the most impactful decisions we can make for the future of our planet. Change will be essential if we want to keep the global temperature rise well below the 2 degrees as stipulated in the Paris Agreement.

By choosing to serve more sustainable meals on your menu, you can make it easier for people to make planet-friendly choices.

The Sustainable Restaurant Association’s One Planet Plate campaign defines planet-friendly food as that which is:

  • Sourced Locally: Buying from local producers gives you access to seasonal fresh food, often with a smaller carbon price tag. It also provides a valuable investment in the local economy, helps establish thriving food networks and production for local food heritage.
  • Uses More Veg: Though there is a role for better, higher welfare grazing animals in a regenerative food system, the case for less and better meat and dairy is well evidenced, both for human health and the health of the planet. 
  • Lower Carbon Footprint: Scientists agree that to tackle climate change, we need to make drastic reductions in the emissions of greenhouse gasses, particularly carbon. All of the ingredients that make up our meals have an emissions impact which can be calculated.
  • Sustainably Sourced: For instance, rated ‘1’ or ‘2’ in the Marine Conservation Society’s Good Fish Guide
  • Wastes Nothing: More than 1m tonnes of food is wasted in UK hospitality every year. Chefs can utilise the many skills in their repertoire to making the most of every ingredient and bring this number down.

Check out the resources below for inspiration and ideas to help you serve more planet-friendly food.