About Food Cardiff

The food we eat has a huge impact on life in Cardiff — not just on our health, but on our communities and businesses, individual farmers, and the environment too. That’s why we’ve started Food Cardiff.

We think food should be good for people, good for the place we live, and good for our planet as well as being affordable and tasty. Good food creates strong, healthy communities. The way it’s produced respects people, animals and the natural environment and the way it’s sold supports the local economy.

We want to encourage everyone to help. Whether you are an individual, a family, a small business, a charity, or part of a large organisation, you can do something. We can make a big difference together, so get involved.

Food Cardiff Newsletters

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How Food Cardiff Began

In 2013, Cardiff Food Council was awarded money to help Cardiff work towards becoming a Sustainable Food City. Food Cardiff was born.

Cardiff was one of six cities in the UK to get funding through the Sustainable Food Cities Programme. Thanks to the funding we’ve been able to employ Pearl, our Sustainable Food City Co-ordinator.

Food Cardiff is a food movement that everyone can get involved in. So come on, join in and join Food Cardiff today!