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So, you’re ready to get involved and make food fair but don’t know where to start?  Don’t worry!  We have everything you need right here.  From the top ten principles of fair food to how to eat good, healthy, food on a budget, our ever expanding rerpetoire of resources is available to download here for free.

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Brexit and the food system

Tim Lang: Food & Brexit , BBC World Service June 29 at 2100 hrs. Click on the link here and then go to minute 34 :

‘UK food faces historic realignment after Brexit’ on The Conversation June 30:

Useful and short pictorial summary of issues on Brexit and food from the industry research group, IGD. 2016 – Implications For UK Grocery Businesses Jun 2016.pdf

Tim Lang Interview

The Guardian Article,

Brexit of Bremain?

Euromonitor blog giving up to date data:


Food Cardiff publications: How to get involved

Live Projects Report 2016

Food Cardiff members supported MSc students at Cardiff University to develop live projects in order to research real life challenges in Cardiff’s food system. This report compiles a set of live projects from students within the school of Georgraphy and Planning and includes participatory research on Food Co-ops, Cardiff’s Wholesale Market, Healthy Start vouchers and public fruit trees in Cardiff.

Live Projects Report 2016




Cardiff Food Charter

Cardiff Food CharterThe Cardiff Food Charter introduces Cardiff’s ten principles of fair food, under the themes:

–  Health and wellbeing for all
–  A thriving local economy and sustainable food procurement
–  Environmental sustainability
–  Resilient, close-knit communities
–  Fairness in the food chain

Cardiff Food Charter (English) (133 kb)
Cardiff Food Charter (Welsh) (133 kb)

It provides a framework for our actions, and guidance for individuals and businesses.

The Fair Food Pledge

Fair Food PledgeFood Cardiff are passionate about making food fair in our city, and we know that we’re not alone! Food businesses can show their support and take part in improving the local food system by pledging to take one (or more) of the actions in the Fair Food Pledge:

– Showing commitment
– Making informed decisions
– Sourcing food sustainably
– Being open and clear
– Influencing the rate and pace of change

Fair Food Pledge (English)
Fair Food Pledge (Welsh)

Ten Actions to Make Food Fair

Actions - Food BusinessesEveryone can help to create a fair food system – but it can be daunting deciding where to begin! We’ve put together three simple guides to get you started, with actions for individuals and families, non-food businesses, and people working in the food and drink industry.

10 Actions for Individuals and Families (English)
10 Actions for Individuals and Families (Welsh)

10 Actions for Food Businesses (English)
10 Actions for Food Businesses (Welsh)

10 Actions for Non-Food Businesses (English)
10 Actions for Non Food Businesses (Welsh)

Building Resilience: Food Cardiff’s Five Year Food Security Plan
Building ResilienceBeing food secure means being sure of your ability
to secure enough food of sufficient quality and
quantity to allow you to stay healthy and
participate in society.

As the challenge of food insecurity grows, our
plans to mitigate its effect will need to increase in
ambition. This plan forms part of Food Cardiff’s
broader Food Strategy for the city and as a key
commitment in Cardiff’s Wellbeing Plan.

Building Resilience: Food Cardiff’s Five Year Food Security Plan 

This document will be made available in Welsh

Living Well: Information about local resources

Eating Well on a Budget

Eating Well on a BudgetThis leaflet is full of juicy ideas for keeping your family happy and healthy, even when time is short and money is tight.  It’s about living in Cardiff and the services and resources you can access here.

Download the A3 leaflet below to discover healthy bargains, how to get free vitamins and food vouchers, where you can learn to cook, and much, much more.

Eating Well on a Budget Leaflet (English) (707 kb)
Eating Well on a Budget Leaflet (Welsh) (792 kb)

 Reports and Data

ObesityObesity: The Bigger Picture
Annual Report of the Director of Public Health for Cardiff and Vale 2013

This report aims to answer the questions: what is obesity, what is it’s impact on our health, and how can we reverse the trend to live healthier and happier lives?

Obesity: The Bigger Picture (English)
Obesity: The Bigger Picture (Welsh)


Cardiff Food Summit 2014

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