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Whether it’s taking steps to learn more about what makes up a healthy diet; including more fruit and vegetables in your meals; or committing to cook from scratch more often – small actions can quickly add up to make a big difference to our health.

Everything we eat has an impact on the environment, but there are ways we can use this connection between planet and plate to make a positive difference here in Cardiff.

Shopping with local businesses keeps the money you spend circulating in your local community. It’s a good way to support the economy around you, to help out small independent businesses and to find food that’s locally grown or produced.

The food we eat has a huge impact on life in Cardiff – not just on people’s health, but on communities and businesses, farmers and food producers, and the environment too

The bigger the Good Food movement in the city is, the more powerful it becomes in being able to make change. So, we need everyone to get involved to help us grow.