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Introducing Food Cardiff’s new groups

Food Cardiff’s rapidly growing partnership has evolved into a dynamic, strong and inclusive network of good food activists. In 2021, Food Cardiff’s our partnership membership includes 127 individuals across 74 organisations.

To support this partnership and drive the new Good Food Strategy 2021-24, we have established a number of new groups.

Food Cardiff Strategy Board

The Food Cardiff Strategy Board will focus on the partnership’s strategic direction, offering guidance on how to further develop and enhance our success. The Strategy Board discussions will complement the existing Food Cardiff network where partners can exchange and share ideas and knowledge as well as connecting with a wide range of people and organisations working within the food space in Cardiff.

The Food Cardiff Strategy Board (Terms of Reference) meets monthly, representing people with experience (through work, volunteering, or life) of health, environmental sustainability, communications, production, retail, food poverty, community action, and policy. The board includes:

  • 5 core members representing Cardiff Council, Cardiff & Vale University Health Board (C&VUHB), Cardiff & Vale Local Public Health Team (LPHT) and WRAP Cymru
  • 7 volunteer members recruited from the wider Food Cardiff partnership (advertised annually).

The current membership is:

Carl Nichols | Chair, WRAP Cymru
Pearl Costello | Co-ordinator, Food Cardiff
Angelina Sanderson Bellamy | Food Systems Researcher, Cardiff University/UWE
Carrie Vanstone | Food Writer, Carrie On Cooking
Emma Holmes | Clinical Lead for Public Health Dietetics, Cardiff & Vale University Health Board
Kasim Ali | Founder, Waterloo Tea / Co-founder, Welsh Independent Restaurant Collective
Liz Lambert | Sustainable Development Group Leader, Cardiff Council
Rhiannon Urquhart | Principal Health Promotion Specialist, Cardiff & Vale Local Public Health Team
Sam Froud-Powell | Community Support Coordinator, Action in Caerau & Ely
Sebastien Vanoni | Head Chef and Trainer, The Clink
Shea Buckland-Jones Food | Land Use & Nature Policy Manager, WWF Cymru
Steve Garrett | Founder, Riverside Market

Food Cardiff Communications and Engagement Group

The Communications and Engagement Group works alongside the Strategy Board to develop and oversee a communications and engagement plan, working with a range settings, people and organisations to be involved with and help deliver the strategy. If you are interested in becoming a member of this group please contact us. 

Cardiff Cross-Sector Procurement Group

Food Cardiff’s new cross-sector procurement group includes Cardiff Council, Cardiff & Vale University Health Board, Wales Independent Restaurant Collective, universities, other large purchasers and suppliers. The group will take forward the development of Food Cardiff’s sustainable food procurement toolkit (currently draft) to include:

  • A shared set of healthy and sustainable food purchasing principles – based on the Good Food Strategy Goals and Outcomes
  • A practical guide to using Dynamic Purchasing Systems and Dynamic Food Procurement including:
    • Market engagement
    • Needs analysis
    • Whole Life Costing
    • Best-practice case studies

The group is interested in increasing the use of local and environmentally sustainable suppliers at all scales. If you are interested in becoming a member of this group please contact us. 

Community Food Retail Network

This network is for new and emerging community food retail projects, such as pantries, Food Clubs, Co-ops and Community Fridges in Cardiff.

The network helps projects share knowledge and resources and work together to co-ordinate action across the city, for example through:

  • Regular group meet ups (virtually during Covid)
  • An online forum to network between meetings
  • Creating a collective map or directory of projects
  • Joint training opportunities (e.g. Community Food and Nutrition courses, Food Hygiene)
  • Developing a handbook or brochure highlighting different models available and Cardiff case studies

Join the network here.