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Although the 5-a-day message has been widely communicated since the early nineties, with estimates that up to 90% of individuals are aware of the message (Rooney et al, 2016), average intake remains stubbornly below the 5-a-day recommendation for fruit and veg.

Only 33% of adults and just 12% of 11–18-year-olds currently achieve the target.

In response, across Cardiff, restaurants, retailers, workplaces, schools and growers have been making a ‘veg pledge’ to increase their servings of fresh veg.

So far these have included:

  • Cardiff Council are offering an extra portion of veg free of charge in all school meals.
  • The Healthy Schools team have produced a ‘Power Up Your Pupils with Veg’ resource pack for teachers and a ‘Peas Please Parent Pack’, to engage primary school children with veg.
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University catering team have pledged that all meals will include 2 portions of veg, and are offering ‘how to cook veg on a budget’ courses for students and staff.
  • Wild Thing Café is promoting veg and planning a free community supper made from surplus allotment veg.
  • Cardiff & Vale University Hospital Board set up a veg stall at University Hospital Wales and are incorporating more veg in their ‘Y Gegin’ restaurant.

Check out our handy toolkit of ideas resources and support for workplaces if you are keen to make a ‘veg pledge’ – and let us know by tagging us on social media at @goodfoodcardiff.