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Can you help us to grow the Food Cardiff network? We’d love more food businesses to be part of our movement so that we can all work together to make Cardiff one of the most sustainable food places in the UK.

If you know a food business which shares that goal, please encourage them to come along to a Food Cardiff event or sign up to our newsletter. You can ask them when you next pop in, or drop them an email or DM. Here’s an example email which you can copy and paste (including the links they need:


Food Cardiff is a network of people and businesses who are working to make the city one of the most sustainable food places in the UK. They want everyone to have access to healthy, sustainable food and want to help and support businesses who are doing their bit for the environment and the community around them. As one of your regular customers, I think you’d be a great example they could use to inspire more people to take action. I wondered if you’d consider signing up for their newsletter, following them on social media or going to their next event?

Thank you