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New guide launched for Sustainable Food Procurement

Food Cardiff and Food Vale have launched a new guide for Sustainable Food Procurement in the public sector. The guide is aiming to help public bodies make significant strides towards a more sustainable and healthy food system in support of Wales’ Move More Eat Well plan.

The guide has been developed by Menter a Busnes to offer a comprehensive overview of why supporting local procedures is important, how to focus on sustainable and healthy food and how to manage financial challenges. It also includes case studies, research and resources to support procurement professionals in making the change.

The guide was launched on 6 March at Green Shoots, a Cardiff University café which focuses on a healthy, plant-based menu. The event brought together project stakeholders including Cardiff University, Cardiff & Vale University Health Board, NHS Wales, Cardiff and Vale College, and Big Fresh Catering Company.

At the launch, Cardiff University showcased the results from their work with Menus of Change, a collaborative initiative by universities and The University Catering Organisation (TUCO). So far, the impact of adopting these new principles has already reduced their environmental impact. For example, in 2023 Cardiff University’s reusable cup scheme prevented the use of over 125,000 disposable cups. This translates to a CO2e emission reduction of 4,607kg – roughly equivalent to taking 9,215 five-minute showers with an electric shower!

Beyond celebrating successes to date, the event was a starting point for future collaboration. All attendees expressed a strong desire to continue working together, combining their voices and ambitions for purchasing local, healthy, and sustainable food.

Download the guide here: English | Welsh