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Cardiff Good Food Strategy 2021-24

We are excited to launch the new Cardiff Good Food Strategy 2021-24. Thousands of people across the city have contributed to the plan – thank you.

We want to make sure that the strategy doesn’t just sit on the shelf – we want it to inspire action across the city to make the food that we grow, buy and eat in Cardiff healthy, environmentally sustainable, empowering, thriving and connected.

These five goals have been co-designed with the public and these are the final set. By 2024 we want to see…

GOAL 1: A healthy Cardiff

We want to ensure everyone has access to, has choice over and can afford nourishing, healthy and culturally appropriate food.

GOAL 2: An environmentally sustainable Cardiff

We want the way food is produced, bought and consumed to benefit nature, tackle climate change and prevent food waste.

GOAL 3: An empowering food movement

We want to see communities working together to shape their local food system, and for people to have opportunities to learn and develop skills in growing, cooking and nutrition.

GOAL 4: A thriving local food economy

We want healthy, environmentally sustainable and resilient food businesses to be at the heart of our local economy, and people working in this sector earn a decent living.

GOAL 5: A fair and connected food system

We want to see food-related issues and solutions included across all local policies and to see people work together to ensure action is joined up, and fairly distributed across communities and areas of the city.

Read the full strategy here.