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Healthy eating is essential for good health and contributes to positive wellbeing. Many of the leading causes of disease – such as coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, certain types of cancer, mental ill health and osteoporosis – are associated with poor nutrition.

The workplace is an important setting in which people can increase their intake of healthy foods to benefit their health, improve sense of wellbeing, and protect against illness.

A healthy, balanced diet also helps people to recover more quickly from illness, so it makes sound commercial sense, too.

The food we eat, and what we drink, not only have a physical impact on our body, but can also contribute to our mental health, resulting in improved levels of concentration, mental alertness and ability to cope with everyday stresses and strains.

To support your staff (and visitors to your organisation) and improve their access to healthy food, you could:

  • Swap the complimentary biscuits and sweet treats for a fresh fruit basket, sourced from a local supplier
  • Choose caterers and events venues that can provide, sustainable, balanced and healthy meal choices
  • Swap the water cooler and / or fizzy drinks for a sustainable option; invest in a carbonator to make fizzy tap water on demand
  • Organise a weekly team lunch at a venue serving healthy options, or encourage staff to bring in homemade dishes for a shared meal
  • Remember that ‘after work’ events should give people the option to make healthy choices too

For other ideas to promote healthy eating in the workplace, check out the resources below.