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There are lots of ways that the way you shop can have a positive impact on your local community:

  • Shopping with local businesses means the money you spend keeps circulating locally
  • You are supporting small businesses which create local jobs and keep our high streets thriving
  • We have many specialist food shops which represent cuisines from all over the world – a great way to expand your food horizons
  • Shopping at markets gives you access to the freshest food. Often fruit and vegetables will have been picked that day.
  • Buying direct from growers and producers means you know where your food is coming from – they’ll often give you great advice on how to prepare, store and cook it
  • Shopping with Living Wage employers means everyone is getting a fair deal and also helps support your local economy
  • Buying from a social enterprise means your money is also supporting the community work they are doing
  • Increasingly, online retailers are offering locally-grown fresh produce which can make shopping even easier
  • Buying locally-produced food can reduce food miles and, if it’s organic, means it benefits our soil, wildlife and people
  • Seeking out a zero-waste shop, or buying loose produce from markets and whole-food shops can greatly reduce the amount of packaging you use

Follow the links below to find places in Cardiff to help your community through the food you buy: