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Good food is food that’s good for you, good for the planet and good for the local economy.  And good food is even better when it’s shared.

Despite not being able to get together for community events as much as usual over the last couple of years, recent YouGov research shows that social bonds are stronger than before the pandemic; 40% of people reported feeling a stronger sense of local community.

It’s the perfect time to discover some of the healthy food activities going on in your community, and make some new connections through food. For example:

  • Food for Life Get Togethers are regular community activities that connect people from all ages and backgrounds through food.
  • Food and Fun is an award winning multi-agency programme to provide good quality meals, nutrition skills, sports education and enrichment activities to children during the summer holidays in Wales. Talk to your school to see if they take part.
  • Edible Cardiff have created a handy guide to all of the local growing groups in the city.
  • Green Squirrel’s food workshops cover lots of sustainable themes, from loving your leftovers and exploring low carbon food choices, to growing your own food or keeping urban chickens or bees. 

Check out the resources below for more information.