Volunteers Wanted for Cardiff Foodbank Collection

A message from Cardiff Foodbank:

Cardiff Foodbank is seeking volunteers for a three day supermarket collection, to be held on Thursday 27th, Friday 28th and Saturday 29th of November.

This will be an large event, held across three Tesco stores in Cardiff, so they need lots of people to lend a hand. If you’d like to get involved, please contact Catherine Williams on 07899 074 935.

Cardiff FoodbankA little more information…

Volunteers at the collection will be assigned into three teams. You can choose which team is best suited to your skills and what experience you’d like to gain from the day.

  • Team A will hand out shopping lists
  • Team B will collect food by the checkouts
  • Team C will sort food into groups and load the van
Team A:

If you enjoy engaging with people or have sales experience, then this may be the role for you! Throughout the day you will be handing out shopping lists, helping the people to identify items that the Foodbank needs. Friendly, positive communication skills are a big plus.

Team B:

Team B will collect food donations at the checkouts. If numbers permit, one team member will be posted near the checkouts to see what donations are available, and another will prevent items from disappearing to the bottom of shopping bags to be forgotten and taken home with the shopper!

Most of the food that you collect will be kept in one of two trolleys in the supermarket foyer, or at the table where donations are sorted. This should be a fun role, with lots of opportunities to twp_ to members of the public. Once again, good communication skills will come in handy, and volunteers will need to be courteous and polite.

Team C:

Team C will collect donations from the foyer, sort them into items or categories, and load the boxes into the van. They are a vital part of the operation, making sure that all donations go to the Foodbank ready to be included in emergency food parcels.

All teams will carry a cash donation tin, as sometimes people prefer to give money.

If you’d like to join us for the day, contact Catherine Williams on 07899 074 935. Come dressed in ‘smart casual’ clothing and good footwear. There will be access to toilets instore – and, depending on the shop, there may also be a subsidised staff canteen.

Thanks you so much. I hope you enjoy your time volunteering with us!

Best wishes,

Catherine Williams
Operational Manager
Cardiff Foodbank

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