£15,000 Grant for Community Based Waste Projects

WRAP is inviting Cardiff-based not for profit groups or charities to submit Expression of Interest project proposals that will help reduce household food waste in their communities. Work funded through this scheme will form part of WRAP’s national Love Food Hate Waste (LFHW) consumer behaviour change campaign. The LFHW campaign was launched following national research into how much household food and drink is wasted and why.

How do I apply for this grant?

Under the funding scheme, WRAP is looking to support community based engagement projects in Cardiff to change people’s behaviour that will reduce household food waste. There is a total budget of £15,000 available with a maximum grant limit of £5,000 per project. Applicants may apply for the total available budget, as long as funding proposals include a minimum of 3 projects. As the work will form part of the Love Food Hate Waste campaign it will need to adhere to the LFHW campaign’s brand guidelines.

To be eligible you must be a charity or community organisation with a minimum of 3 members, and have a UK-based bank account.

To apply for the grant, please complete the expression of interest form by Friday 3rd October 2014. All proposals must be submitted online.

Expression of Interest (92kb)

What is the ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ campaign about?

The campaign focuses on five key areas of consumer behaviour which have the biggest impact in reducing household food and drink waste. Proposed activity should be based on these:

1. Meal planning such as making shopping lists and sticking to them, checking the cupboard before going to the shops, preparing a weekly meal plan.

2. Correct portioning to ensure people cook just the right amount – for example using measuring cups/jugs, weighing scales, confidence when cooking portions, using the LFHW portion calculator.

3. Better storage such as storing bread in a cupboard (not fridge), using bag clips to keep things fresh, storing in air tight containers, using your freezer.

4. Making the most of leftovers and forgotten foods which includes innovative recipes and ideas for wasting less and better freezer use.

5. Date Labels: understanding Use By, Best Before, and Sell By dates.

For more information, contact Danielle.McCormick@wrap.org.uk.

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