Veg Cities Campaign Webinar

Thanks to everyone who registered for this webinar.


Below you will find the recording, presentations as well as the current account of the Q&A session which will be updated if new questions come in via email.

Register your interest in the Veg Cities campaign by emailing Sofia Parente


We hope you will find this useful. Please feel free to share these resources, everything is also accessible on this page:


Introduction to Sustainable Food Cities, Alizee Marceau, SFC Senior Project Officer
Wwp_ through Veg Cities campaign background, objectives, key themes and resources – Sofia Parente
Veg Cities Cardiff case study – Katie Palmer, Sustainable Food Cities Coordinator, Public Health Wales
Veg Cities Brighton & Hove case study – Chloe Clarke, Policy and Projects Manager, Brighton and Hove Food Partnership


Listen to the recording


Questions & answers from the webinar

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