The Fruit Stall at Llandough is staying put

Following a six-week trial period, we are hugely happy to announce that the pilot was successful and, as a result, The Grapevine’s fruit stall at the University Hospital Llandough will remain where it is.
Cardiff and Vale University Health Board has signed the national Peas Please pledge to increase veg consumption by improving the accessibility and affordability of fresh vegetables across all of our sites.
UHL fruit
As a result of this, we established a stall selling fresh produce at UHW, which was so popular that it soon became a permanent feature of the site.

The popularity of the stall allowed for the scope to roll it out across the UHB’s sites and a pilot scheme was established at Llandough shortly afterwards.

The pilot scheme was so successful that now, the stall at Llandough, which was recently opened just inside the hospital’s main entrance, will be staying there for the foreseeable future.

The stall at UHW sells not only fruit but also delicious fresh vegetables as well as other locally-sourced products like honey and we hope that the same will eventually apply to the stall at Llandough, which at the moment sells only fruit.

The installation of fruit and veg stalls at our sites emphasises the UHB’s commitment to keeping people and promoting health.

We know that just 31% of adults in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan manage to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day. Further, research from Peas Please indicates that around 80% of kids are not eating enough vegetables UK-wide.

By encouraging and enabling people to eat more fruit and veg via these stalls, we’re helping to prevent diseases like type 2 diabetes and promote the health of not only today’s but also tomorrow’s population as we reassert that eating high levels of fruit and veg as the norm.

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