Food for Life Catering Mark Consultation

7th August 2014 – The Soil Association is seeking your views on proposed changes to the bronze Food for Life catering mark.

Food for Life Catering Standard BronzeThe catering mark provides an independent endorsement that food providers are taking steps to improve the food they serve: using fresh ingredients that are free from trans fats, harmful additives and GM, and better for animal welfare.

The changes suggested this week will increase the beneficial health impacts of the bronze standard by limiting the use of salt and increasing the prominence of healthier drinks – measures that key nutritionists and Public Health England advise are key to improving public health. They would be most relevant to caterers in universities, workplaces, visitor attractions and restaurants.

The consultation will run from 5th August to 6th October 2014. Any changes will be announced in winter 2015, with adequate lead-in time for all existing Catering Mark holders to adapt their practices.

To find out more and take part in this consultation, click here.

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