Food Cardiff Strategic Support Needed


Food Cardiff is looking for an experienced freelancer or company to support the strategic development and writing of a city-wide food strategy 

Project Background 

 Food Cardiff believes that food should be good for people, good for the place we live, and good for our planet – as well as being affordable and tasty. Good food creates strong, healthy communities. The way it’s produced respects people, the natural environment and the way it’s sold supports the local economy. 

 2021 sees Food Cardiff embark on the next step of its journey as it works to achieve Silver and ultimately Gold Sustainable Food Places status.  

In order to accomplish this, the food partnership is looking to develop and launch an ambitious city-wide strategy and vision which takes a holistic approach to sustainable food. The 3 year strategy needs to be co-designed by the Food Cardiff partnership (55 members and counting) alongside an open consultation with the wider public.  

Brief and Deliverables 

Food Cardiff would like to contract a freelancer or company experienced in developing strategies for partnerships or multi-stakeholder organisations.  

Working with the Food Cardiff team, you will collate relevant information and develop and write an initial draft strategy for consultation. You will help deliver a stakeholder consultation and use the stakeholder and public consultation results to refine and write the final strategy. The Sustainable Food Places Co-ordinator and Food Cardiff Strategy Board will support the process.  

The public consultation process, translation and design is outside the scope of this contract, as these elements will be separately managed by Food Cardiff 

  1. Draft strategy written and published by 10th February 2021 
  2. Public and stakeholder consultation 10th February – 7th March 2021 
  3. Final strategy written by 25th March 2021 
  4. Translation, design and launch of strategy by 14th April 2021  

As the above timeframes are very ambitious there is some flexibility in steps 2 and 3.  

Person Specification 
  • Prior experience of developing strategies for multi-stakeholder programmes 
  • Partnership working, especially the ability to engage, inspire and motivate individuals and organisations from multiple sectors 
  • Understanding values of Food Cardiff and importance of taking a holistic approach to good food 
  • Excellent attention to detail and writing skills 
  • Ability to work independently and use initiative 
  • Highly organised, with good time management and the ability to work to tight deadlines 
  • Working knowledge of Cardiff  
  • Previous involvement with and understanding of Food Cardiff 
  • Working knowledge of the Sustainable Food Places programme and requirements 

Up to £2,800 for person time.  

How to Apply 

Please email a CV or portfolio and a proposal detailing your suitability for the contract, with examples of how you meet the criteria above to by 3rd February 2021 (extended from 28th January).  


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