Planning for Health and Well-being in Cardiff

Cardiff Council has approved a ‘Planning for Health and Well-being Supplementary Planning Guidance’ (Nov 2017) to provide guidance to developers on public health and access to health care services issues. It was developed between the city planners of Cardiff Council and the Cardiff & Vale Public Health Team. The planning guidance’s section on ‘Food Environment’ […]

£500,000 to fund school holiday lunch and fun clubs

Taken from BBC Wales article published on 03/01/17: Funding of £500,000 will go to summer holiday school lunch and fun clubs, the Welsh education secretary has said. The money will be offered to councils in the most deprived parts of Wales to help provide play schemes and meals over the long break. Kirsty Williams said […]

Food and Fun Infographic

Our infographic shows the effect that our Food and Fun programme had on children and their families. One parent said: “The confidence and fellowship that my daughter has developed during the 3 weeks she has been attending she will take with her and use with her everyday life skills.”  

Tackling obesity: making healthy food fun

Written by Katie Palmer for IWA Many factors influence the way we think and behave around food. We are bombarded by marketing messages through social media, television and cinema and we receive mixed messages from the media about the latest research into what we should or should not be eating. We are influenced by the […]