Hungry City Hippy launches Cardiff Food Podcast

No longer content with just waffling on about food with her mates in the pub, Jane from Hungry City Hippy has teamed up with my friend and former boss, Matt Appleby – who is also one half of Roath Brewery – to create Hank! A podcast for food lovers in Cardiff.  Hank (as in Hank Marvin= starvin’) will […]

Veg Cities Campaign Webinar

Thanks to everyone who registered for this webinar.   Below you will find the recording, presentations as well as the current account of the Q&A session which will be updated if new questions come in via email. Register your interest in the Veg Cities campaign by emailing Sofia Parente   We hope you will […]

New VEGPOWER fund launching today to inspire children to eat more veg

New fund launching today to market vegetables to children Supported by Jamie Oliver, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall & Dr Rangan Chatterjee Low veg consumption contributes to 20,000 deaths a year 80% of children don’t eat enough veg  ONLY 1.2% of food and drink advertising spend goes on vegetables  Today, a new fund is launched to tackle the […]

Update on Peas Please and Veg Power

  Background Food Foundation, Food Cardiff, Nourish Scotland, and WWF are working with producers, manufacturers, supermarkets, convenience stores, and government and city authorities to take action to help everyone eat more vegetables. We know that 95% of teenagers and 80% of younger children are not eating enough vegetables. This initiative, Peas Please, has been running […]

Cardiff to become the first Veg City in Wales

Veg Cities will be a feature campaign of Sustainable Food Cities from mid-2018. It will support cities, counties and boroughs to take local action to increase availability of veg and increase consumption. Pilots are on-going in Brighton and Hove, Cardiff, Birmingham, Aberdeen and London Borough of Redbridge. The rollout of the campaign is in preparation, […]

Peas Please Pledgers Conference 2018

On 15th March, Peas Please hosted a Pledgers Conference in Birmingham to discuss the implementation of Peas Please pledges and build a common vision for the direction of travel of the initiative. This document provides a summary of the discussions and contains links to the various presentations made on the day. Peas Please – our […]

Lia Moutselou shares her experience of a Wasteless event in Cardiff

Lia Moutselou of Lia’s Kitchen has written a fantastic piece about the Wasteless supper held recently in Cardiff. All the food that was served would have otherwise been thrown away! Wasteless aims to educate people about the potential of food they may waste and inform them of ways to reduce waste at home. The events are […]

New Patient Menus across Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board will be launching exciting new menus for inpatients on Monday 12 February 2018. The new two-week menu provides patients with an increased variety of meals, and introduces some new recipes, as well as some family favourites. There will be tailored menus specifically for the Children’s Hospital and the Women’s […]

The Grapevine fruit and veg stall moves to Permanent Location at UHW

Gone are the days of tarpaulins flapping around in the wind as the UHW fruit and vegetable stall has reopened in its new, permanent location. The new stall is located near the site of the old stall, straight ahead of you as you exit the main hospital’s concourse and will be open Monday to Friday 8am – […]