Cardiff Restaurant launches reusable Pizza Boxes to help customers cut down on Single-use Packaging

Since that heartbreaking episode of BBC’s Blue Planet, people around the country have been making efforts to cut down on single-use packaging and switch to more sustainable options.

From taking reusable coffee flasks on the morning commute to using refillable water bottles at the gym, many have felt inspired to make more eco-friendly choices in their day to day lives.

Now Cardiff based restaurant Dusty Knuckle is making it easy for their customers to take it one step further, by introducing reusable takeaway pizza boxes specially imported from Italy.

The light aluminum pizza boxes will be available for take-away customers to purchase for a one-off cost of £2. Each time they are used to collect a pizza, the buyer will be able to claim 50p off the price.

reusable pizza box

Just like supermarket ‘bags for life’, the new boxes also come with a lifetime guarantee; Dusty Knuckle will replace any that become damaged or broken, free of charge. They are also infinitely recyclable and, doing so only uses 5% of the energy it takes to make the virgin product.

It is hoped that the initiative will help cut down on the number of grease-stained pizza boxes that are mistakenly put into recycling bags every year, which can’t actually be recycled because of contamination.

Dusty Knuckle founder and chef Phill Lewis explained, “In our restaurant we try to be as sustainable as possible. Our courtyard at The Printhaus is full of reclaimed and recycled materials, so we never liked giving out single-use, cardboard pizza boxes; it felt wasteful which isn’t something we – or our customers – like to be.

Closed cardboard pizza boxes also don’t allow for any ventilation, meaning that our pizzas didn’t travel as well as a takeaway. The new re-usable boxes mean our pizzas stay warmer longer thanks to the conductivity of aluminum, so they’ll taste better too!”

The new pizza boxes are available for takeaway customers to purchase from Friday 6th April.

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