Apple Season is Upon Us!

Bring on the Glut!
by Orchard Cardiff

As the kids go back to school and the hot summer begins to draw to a close, we at Orchard Cardiff have one thing on our mind – all those luscious apples and pears that have been ripening across the city.

applesYou know how it is at this time of year: the first fruit is eaten raw and the rest is cooked up into fruit pies, cakes and compotes and given to your friends and neighbours. But what happens when abundance begins to turn to waste? Orchard Cardiff can help. Contact us and we’ll make sure the rest of your harvest goes to a good home.

This year we plan to team up with FareShare Cymru so that the best eaters are distributed to people who need them most. However much of the fruit we will collect won’t be such good quality. It will be perfect for making apple juice and cooking up in other ways.

Orchard Cardiff is a group of volunteers who get together at this time of year to make sure this abundance doesn’t go to waste.

How can you help?

Tree owners – Get in touch if you would like us to collect your fruit. You can keep whatever you want and we will take the rest.

Harvest 1Harvesters – Come and help us collect the fruit. You can take home a share of the fruit in exchange for your labour.

Cooks and Preserving enthusiasts – Get in touch if you can turn the less good fruit into something tasty, particularly if you work with community groups.

Wine drinkers – Save your bottles with screw tops for making apple juice.

Everyone else – Join us at Apple Day on Saturday 25th October in Riverside. We will be making juice, cooking up compote, making apple crafts and whatever else our volunteers decide.

For more information contact or check out our Facebook page.

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