What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is about the way we live and work.

It’s about making decisions that help the economy flourish and support social progress. It’s about helping people reach their potential and improving everyone’s quality of life, and it’s about making decisions that protect and improve our natural environment.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds. For example, if we buy local food, we’re supporting the local economy!

A thriving local economy means local jobs for local people. When people spend their money where they live, they’re investing in local businesses and keeping shops and suppliers trading. It helps our farmers, local businesses, and Welsh communities thrive. Local, seasonal food is the freshest produce you can buy because it doesn’t have to travel far. That means it needs less packaging too.

See what we mean? Sustainability is about finding the best balance. It’s about understanding how the decisions we make are connected.

This is what we want to achieve:

Better health and wellbeing for everyone:  Affordable, healthy and nutritious food should be available to everyone in Cardiff, every day.
Good information about food choices:  Everyone should have access to information to help them make better food choices. Anyone selling food should make sure it is safe and nutritious.
Food that’s good for the environment:  Food should be produced, processed, distributed and disposed of in ways that reduce energy, packaging and waste, and that increase composting and recycling.
Food that’s good for business and our communities:  Increased demand for local and Welsh food, to support local food businesses and create local jobs and local places to shop.
Connected communities:  Communities that celebrate and enjoy Cardiff’s diverse food culture.
Resilient communities:  Communities with the skills and resources to grow and cook their own food and the confidence to support each other and be self-sufficient.
Fairness:  Everyone in Cardiff should be able to afford a healthy diet. People working in the food industry, both in Wales and abroad, should have good working conditions and be fairly paid for their work and their produce.