Welsh volunteers are making a huge difference to refugees in Calais. How can you help?

“It looks like a disaster zone” – Ben and Steve from Riverside Market have been volunteering at a refugee camp in Calais. They are raising awareness of the families stranded in dire conditions and are appealing for food donations to take on their next trip, as well as for volunteers to help in the Refugee Community Kitchen.

This Wales Online article paints a pictures of people – including pregnant women and young children – living in waterlogged tents and “stuck” in a muddy wasteland, having lost family members and been prevented from gaining refuge in the UK.


You can help! Whether donating kitchen utensils or bags of rice; or chopping vegetables in the kitchen to feed people in desperate need, you can make a big difference and experience the rewarding pleasure of helping these forgotten and displaced fellow humans.

A Calais Refugee Kitchen ‘Info Stall’ will be at Riverside Farmers Market this Sunday (17 January 2015) and in coming weeks, to highlight the experiences of Ben and Steve. This will include how you can volunteer directly in Calais or through donations.  Future trips are being planned now.

Food Donation arrangements will be issued next week to include drop-off points and an indication of key items required.

Riverside Farmers Market is on Fitzhamon Embankement, opposite Millennium Stadium 10am to 2pm.  The information stall will be next to The Parsnipship.

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