Welsh Food Hygiene Rating Scheme Extended

Wales’ food hygiene rating scheme is being extended to trade-to-trade businesses, such as food manufacturers and wholesale providers who sell food to other businesses.

food hygiene ratingWales became the first UK nation to introduce a statutory food hygiene rating system in November 2013, making it a legal requirement for food business who sell food directly to consumers – such as restaurants, pubs, cafes, takeaways, hotels and supermarkets – to display food hygiene ratings.

Today, more than 50% of food business in Wales have a rating of 5 meaning very good, and the levels of unsatiscatory ratings are falling.

From November 28th 2014, this scheme will be extended to include trade-to-trade businesses, who will be inspected by local authorities and given a sticker showing their rating that must be displayed on their premises. Failure to display the food hygiene rating sticker could result in enforcement action through the use of a fixed penalty notice or prosecution.

 Vaughn Gething, Deputy Health Minister for Wales, said:“This is an important step, which will provide added assurance to businesses and consumers.The requirement for businesses to display their food hygiene stickers is having the effect we envisaged in driving up food hygiene ratings.I’m delighted to see the numbers of food businesses with a lower rating decreasing. This is good for the people in Wales and for food businesses in Wales.I acknowledge the significant work that local authorities have put into this scheme to make it a success against a background of tighter budgets and fewer resources.”

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