Pop Up Waste Food Café Comes to Cardiff

Our friends at Love Food Hate Waste have joined with some of Cardiff’s best loved food and sustainability organisations to help our city prepare delicous, waste free meals.

Pop up

Green City Events, Lia’s Kitchen, Cynefin, and Adamsdown Environmental Action Group are collaborating to host a series of exciting pop up Waste Food Café  events in Cardiff as part of the Love Food Hate Waste 10 Cities Campaign.

The events will include two ‘Waste Food Café’ cooking workshops in the Roath and Adamsdown areas of Cardiff. Participants will be invited to join an exciting and educational eating experience in which they will cook and eat together whilst learning how to be less wasteful and more savvy. Lia’s Kitchen will be hosting these cooking and eating events and sharing some of her mouth-watering recipes that can be created from surprisingly simple and cheap ingredients, many of us often end up wasting frequently. The Waste Food Café events will be followed by outreach roadshows which will disseminate tips, tools and recipes to help people make positive changes and avoid wasting food and money.

emma marshHead of Love Food Hate Waste at WRAP, Emma Marsh said, “Food waste is a major problem and costs the average person £200 a year, rising to £700 for a family at a time when household budgets remain really tight.

This project, as part of the wider ’10 cities’ campaign, will benefit people’s health, teach new vital skills, save families money, and benefit the environment.”

Food waste is a major issue in our city. Around 175,000 tonnes of municipal waste was collected by Cardiff Council in 2012/13 of which around 18% was waste food. Of this waste food it is estimated that up to 60% could have been avoided. There are huge environmental, economic and social costs attributed to this wastage. In the UK around 17 million tonnes of Co2 is associated with food waste and the BBC recently reported that £610 million worth of food is wasted in Wales. There is also a social issue associated with food waste with a ‘societal imbalance’ whereby some are struggling to feed themselves whilst others throw away good food.

The events aim to raise awareness of the foods that we most commonly waste and demonstrate practical ways that we can all minimise our food waste through simple actions and positive changes such as meal planning, portioning, savvy storage, carb control and loving your leftovers.

Rebecca Clark of Green City Events says, ‘We are thrilled to be part of delivering this exciting new project for Love Food Hate Waste. It’s a fantastic opportunity to bring people together in a unique way and raise awareness of this important issue. It’s important to demonstrate that there are easy and simple actions we can all be taking to minimise our own food waste – and if everybody did this imagine what an impact it could have.

It really is the small things that can make a big difference.’

Check out our Food Cardiff’s What’s On page for details of this months’ Waste Food Café events, or email becca@greencityevents.co.uk for more information.

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