HungryCityHippy’s tastiest sustainable food heroes in Cardiff and the Vale

In the second of our guest spots, local food blogger HungryCityHippy shares her favourite sustainable food heroes in Cardiff and the Vale.




Sustainable food is food which protects the diversity of plants and animals, and the welfare of both farmed and wild species; avoids damaging or wasting natural resources or contributing to climate change; contributes to thriving local economies and sustainable livelihoods, and; provides social benefits – such as good quality food, safe and healthy products, and educational opportunities”  – Sustain.                                                                              

Being a proud tree-hugging animal lover at heart, I have always been passionate about food producers who pay close attention to the welfare of animals and ecosystems in their care. Other people may value different sustainability criteria as more important, but whatever the motivation, the act of ‘eating green’ carries a wide range of personal, social and environmental benefits.

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In and around Cardiff, sustainable eating is an incredibly tasty experience too!

Take for instance The Gallery in Barry. This unassuming restaurant has picked up a range of awards over the last few years – including the Good Food Guide Restaurant of the Year in 2016, the South Wales Echo Restaurant of the Year in 2015 and the Welsh Sustainable Restaurant of the Year in 2014. In fact, they are the first ever member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association in Cardiff and the Vale – supporting ethical farming practices and sourcing sustainably caught fish. You can read a full review from local blogger Gourmet Gorro.

The Clink restaurant (based in Cardiff Prison and staffed entirely by prisoners) is also known for having a weekly-changing menu which champions the fresh and organic produce available here in Wales. They too have picked up a range of accolades, including Trip Advisor’s best restaurant in Cardiff in 2015 and the Sustainable Restaurant Association’s 3 Star Award. This Wales Online review goes into more detail about the ‘truly excellent’ cooking.

If fine dining and fancy restaurants aren’t your thing however, you could head to Cathays, where the Real Junk Food Cafe (part of a nationwide initiative) aims to feed those most in need by using a ‘pay as you feel’ pricing scheme. Ingredients are made up of actual food waste from local restaurants and shops that are bound by overly stringent sell-by dates. The idea is that those who can afford it pay slightly over the odds, so that anyone can eat a decent, home-cooked meal.

If you really needed any further inspiration to eat more tasty sustainable food in this city, it’s worth checking out what some of my favourite pop-ups and street-food vendors are doing. There’s the Ethical Chef, cooking his way through the current food system and trying to reconnect people with the benefits of local and seasonal ingredients. Then there’s Green City Events, holding regular pop-up classes in things like city bee-keeping and urban crops.  There’s also the marvellous Slow Pig – serving up an ever changing menu of delicious, pork-based street-food from a vintage Citroen van, all made with meat from their own herd of rare-breed, free range Pembrokeshire pigs.

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Finally, if all of this eating-out seems like hard work and stay-at-home-cooking is your passion, lovely local blogger Lia Moutselou recently supported the Love Food Hate Waste campaign by holding a series of workshops sharing tips and tricks to help people cook more and ultimately, waste less. You can check out her blog Lia’s Kitchen for loads of delicious recipes with the same aim – her shakshuka eggs sound the best!

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