Half Day Brewing Course: Nettle Ale

Sunday 12th July 2015, 2pm
Where: St Fagans National History Museum, Cardiff, CF5 6XB
Cost: £70.00

A chance to learn to brew Nettle Ale with the boys from Tomos a Lilford.

They’ll  go through the whole process, from picking to boiling and brewing. There will be tips and advice on home brewing and how to adapt recipes to suit what you have growing in your garden.

Suitable clothing for nettle picking and thick gloves are essential.

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Dewch i ddysgu bragu Cwrw Danadl gyda bois Tomos a Lilford.

Byddwn ni’n dilyn y broses gyfan, o gasglu a berwi’r danadl i’r bragu. Bydd cyngor ar fragu cartref a sut i addasu’r rysáit i ddefnyddio’r planhigion yn yr ardd gefn.

Yn goron ar y cyfan, byddwch chi’n mynd â galwyn o’r cwrw adref gyda chi

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