Food Cardiff clock up 8 awards for the school holiday enrichment programme, Food and Fun

School nutrition programme scoops top foody award alongside some of UK’s most successful chefs.


Food and Fun, Cardiff’s multi-award winning school holiday enrichment programme has picked up its seventh award at the renowned 2017 Catey Awards.

The judges commented that “the Food and Fun Club is an innovative model that can be implemented across the whole of the education spectrum. It impacts effectively with more than just food nutrition, such as emotional wellbeing and social deprivation.”

Co-ordinated by Food Cardiff, a partnership between the City of Cardiff Council, and Cardiff and Vale UHB Local Public Health team, the innovative project aims to provide an element of education, sporting activity- provided by partners Sport Cardiff, , along with good-quality, healthy meals, delivered in a safe, nurturing, fun  environment to help reduce the isolation and hunger experienced by families in the school holidays.

Cabinet Member for Education, Cllr Sarah Merry said: “This latest award further cements the excellent work that the Food and Fun sessions have achieved and the positive effect the programme has on Cardiff’s children.

“We want to ensure that the city’s children and young people are receiving healthy, nutritious meals, which are vital to their overall health and wellbeing during school holidays as well as during term time. It is fantastic to see our school holiday enrichment programme carrying on the provision of healthy eating through the summer, as well as providing physical activity and fun learning opportunities, allowing children to make new friends and encourage positive attitudes towards health and diet.”

Recognising the best in the industry, the 2017 Catey Awards also presented Tom Kerridge, Nathan Outlaw and John Williams, Executive Chef at the Ritz London with top accolades.

In addition, the project has recently picked up two awards at the Lead Association for Catering in Education (LACA) Awards for Excellence. Judith Gregory won the Roger Davis Outstanding Achievement Award and the project won the Change4Life Award for the School Holiday Enrichment Programme.

The project has also been nominated for the Innovator of the Year category at the Shine Awards 2017, celebrating the unique skills and contribution that women, and those who support their career progression, bring to the hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism industry.

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