Food Cardiff – A time to reflect and build on success

Following a phenomenal year of development, success and achievement in enabling and promoting a sustainable approach to food in the capital city, Food Cardiff takes a moment to reflect as it finds itself at an exciting turning point, on the cusp of further growth and expansion.

Working in collaboration with valued partners, Food Cardiff is busy now setting out its ambitious plans to build on the successes of this year to establish Cardiff as a vibrant leader in food sustainability.

The summer saw the Food Cardiff partnership expanding its innovative, award-winning programme, Food and Fun to children from 21 schools. The partnership between the City of Cardiff Council, Cardiff and Vale UHB Local Public Health team and Sport Cardiff provides education and sporting activities alongside good-quality healthy meals delivered in a safe, nurturing and fun environment to support families over the long summer holidays. We will continue to deliver this innovative work into next summer with support from Welsh Government, WLGA and Cardiff Council.

In October, Food Cardiff organised the first Peas Please Vegetable Summit in Wales, working in partnership with the UK Food Foundation. The event brought together leading organisations from across Welsh food industry that pledged to radically change the way they produce, manufacture and serve their meals to ensure they include more vegetables, with the aim of making it quicker and easier for hundreds of thousands of children and adults to consume a healthier diet.

Cardiff is leading the way, a city that is transforming itself through food, through innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit of small businesses in the city, supplying, serving and providing healthy and sustainable food across the community.

Ensuring that the momentum continues, we are delighted to announce that Food Cardiff has been successful in being awarded a Sustainable Food Cities Grant, which will enable us to build the capacity of the Food Cardiff team to support Cardiff to become the first city in Wales and one of the few cities in the UK to achieve the Sustainable Food City Silver Award. This means that we will support Cardiff to deliver outcomes across six key food issues including; promoting healthy and sustainable food, tackling food poverty, building community food knowledge, promoting a vibrant and diverse food economy, transforming catering and reducing food waste. Food Cardiff is also providing support to Food Vale in promoting and enabling sustainable food across the neighbouring County Council of the Vale of Glamorgan.

We are also thrilled to be working in partnership with the Food Power programme, led by Sustain and Church Poverty in Action, as a Peer Mentor to support emerging Food Poverty Alliances to tackle food poverty and address its root causes in communities across Wales.

And finally, we are looking forward to supporting and developing a new nationally focused body, Food Sense Wales. Hosted by Cardiff & Vale Health Charity (registered charity number 1056544), the official charity supporting all the work of Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, Food Sense Wales aims to help apply the knowledge, expertise and experience gained from Food Cardiff and stakeholders across the Welsh food chain to promote food policy and practice that brings benefits to every part of the food system in Wales; our economy, the nation’s health and the local and global environment.

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