Fund Projects in Your Community with ‘Make The Diff’

City of Cardiff Council has launched a new crowdfunding platform to support projects and ideas that will change our communities for the better. It’s live now, so if you have a proposal that needs backing or investment, let them know.

(We think this would be perfect for groups looking to develop a growing space, redistribute food, or reduce their community’s food waste!)

Make the diff

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way of raising finance for a project or idea by asking a large number of people to each contribute a small amount of money.

It allows people to come together to fund their idea, whether it be big or small.

What to do if you have a project or idea:

To get started, email Make the Diff with some basic information about your project: what it is, and what you hope to achieve. The team will help get your idea onto the Spacehive website where it will be shared with people and organisations across the city.

Projects are created entirely by you, and should benefit City of Cardiff in some way. The criteria for categorising projects are:

  • Making Cardiff Healthy & Safe
  • Creating Prosperity
  • Being Green
  • Having Fun
  • Helping People

For more information visit the Make the Diff page on Spacehive or email

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