Cardiff – Let’s Turn Obesity Around!

In January we all focus on living more healthily and with this in mind National Obesity Awareness Week takes place between 12-18 January.


Obesity is a major UK public health problem with 1 in 4 considered obese.

In Cardiff alone, 28% of 4-5 year olds from low income families are obese so the City of Cardiff Council is working with partners to promote healthy living and to tackle this serious public health issue.

Cabinet Member for Environment, Councilor Bob Derbyshire said:

“Cardiff is certainly not immune to the challenges of rising obesity levels as the statistics show, that’s why our main focus is prevention, giving opportunities for people to learn about food and to provide a healthy food environment.

‘We recognize the need to change the food environment, to make the healthy choice the easiest and most affordable.

‘So much can be done just by raising awareness of the importance of getting your 5-a-day fruit and veg and how the buying and cooking of fresh, affordable food is great for health, reduces waste and is good for the environment.  Promoting healthy choices is central to this approach.

‘This means working with the public and private sector on initiatives such as healthy vending, as seen in the hospitals and schools across Cardiff. As a council we are working closely with other relevant agencies and partners as part of Food Cardiff which was set up in 2012 to share knowledge and look at ways that we collectively tackle food-related problems.’

‘In Cardiff we want to be leading the way in providing advice and encourage healthy living. Partnership working will be key in tackling and more importantly preventing obesity. As a council the issue of obesity is very much at the forefront of our minds and during National Obesity Awareness Week we want to encourage more people to find out about the help and advice that is available to them within the city.’

Dr. Sharon Hopkins, Director of Public Health for Cardiff and Vale UHB said:

‘Obesity is a major risk factor for many chronic illnesses. We need to tackle obesity together, and everyone has a role to play. My recent report ‘Obesity – the Bigger Picture’ outlines how we can all do our bit to ensure that our population has a healthy weight.’

For more information about National Obesity Awareness Week, visit

FoodCardiff_Development3Press Release: Editors Notes

Food Cardiff

Food Cardiff held its first ever Food Summit last year, bringing together more than 50 organisations with an interest in reducing food inequality in Cardiff. The summit outlined the main issues around food inequality and food poverty. A ten point charter is in place, which includes Health and Wellbeing for all:

  1. The right to chose: Access to affordable healthy food and information that helps people to make better food choices should be a fundamental right for everyone in Cardiff.
  2. Prioritising health and wellbeing: Anyone selling food – manufacturers, retailers and caterers-should ensure it is safe and nutritious, and should prioritise the wellbeing of the people they serve.

For further information on Food Cardiff visit

Weight Loss and Nutrition Skills Resources:

The Food Cardiff Council  supports free after school clubs called MEND (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition, DO IT!). These sessions provide healthy living advice for Cardiff families. The Foodwise for Life programme has also been set up to provide an eight week course providing advice on nutrition for adults.

To book onto the MEND programme or Foodwise for Life, call our local team on 02920 907699 or email

Communities First groups in Cardiff provide free Agored Cymru ‘Get Cooking’ courses, offering nutrition skills, training and initiatives developed and co-ordinated by dietitians working in the NHS in Wales.

Our Partners:

Food Cardiff is lucky to be working with some fantastic organisations. Look who’s involved:



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