Filling The Holiday Gap – Report

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (AAPG) has released its Filling The Holiday Hunger Update report to outline holiday provision activity across the UK, including Cardiff. The report makes suggestions on how to alleviate ‘holiday hunger’ and includes testimonies from projects all over the country, such as our very own Food and Fun programme, which took place over the […]


ELMA – Cardiff Bay’s kiosk that’s also a work of art

You may have noticed the intriguing, bug-like building that has appeared in Cardiff Bay, between the Norwegian Church and Dr Who Experience. The new artwork is called Love Me Or Leave Me (ELMA for short). Not only is it an art installation; it is also designed to function as a food and drink kiosk. The […]


Funding for food co-ops reinstated in Wales

Following on from the success of the Community Food Co-operative Programme across Wales, the Welsh Government will be funding the Rural Regeneration Unit (RRU) to deliver a sustainability project to a core group of food co-ops until the end of September 2016. This 12 month project will support various key agendas across Wales including Food […]


Transition Community Café in Fishguard – view their video!

Every year the UK throws away 15 million tonnes of food and drink, half of which was perfectly edible when thrown away. Over a million people now rely on food handouts and Food Banks. Two members of Transition Bro Gwaun (TBG) were visiting local shops looking for food waste to feed pigs, and realised how much perfectly good food was being thrown away, and that […]


Help FCFCG Wales create new growing guidance

The Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens (FCFCG) needs you! They are putting together a new guidance document aimed at improving community access to growing spaces in Wales and would like to hear your thoughts and opinions. The document is being produced in response to The Welsh Government’s Paper ‘Improving the availability of allotments […]


Cardiff Council is the 2,000th Living Wage Employer in the UK!

Cardiff Council has successfully gained accreditation as a Living Wage employer and has become the 2,000th accredited organisation in the UK. The announcement was made at a Welsh Living Wage Week breakfast at IKEA on  2 November 2015. Living Wage Week takes place every year in the first week of November and is a UK-wide celebration of the Living […]


Report: Creating a local RCMA ‘Food Hub’

Riverside Community Markets Association (RCMA) in Cardiff and Cardiff University have undertaken a joint research project, to explore the possibility of creating a permanent local food shop in the city. The shop would not only sell local food, but would also feature community-building functions such as a cafe, kitchen and meeting spaces, making it more […]

Sustain Wales Awards

Food Cardiff nominated for 3 Sustain Wales Awards!

We are thrilled to confirm that Food Cardiff has been nominated for three prestigious awards by Sustain Wales, the leading organisation for sustainable development in Wales. Following recent BBC coverage in which it was lauded as a “lifeline for parents”, Food Cardiff is now celebrating recognition for its contribution towards Cardiff’s thriving food scene. Its Food […]

Food and Fun web

Our summer school programme hailed as a ‘lifeline’ in BBC coverage

This summer, Food Cardiff worked with partners across the city to deliver the Summer Holiday Enrichment Programme (SHEP), providing nutritious meals, sport and learning to children living in socially deprived areas of the city. Running in 5 schools throughout August, the pilot was visited by Assembly Members and Councillors, culminating in BBC coverage in which […]